How to Start a League

Leagues are used to form teams. In the 1Church1Day strategy there are two types of teams. Teams of people, churches and ministries who pray and teams of leaders who form councils in the seven spheres. These teams agree to work together to cooperate, communicate and collaborate to:
  • Build our Father’s house of prayer for all nations
  • Transform our communities through Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom

We offer two kinds of leagues; an Ambassador League and a Kingdom League. An Ambassador League is used by everyone just starting using the tools we’ve developed over the last decade and used by leaders in over 38 nations to help mobilize their church and community. A Kingdom League is distinguished by those who acquire their own localized and customized 1Church1Day Community Transformation System. This system includes a Leadership Dashboard, 1Church1Day apps connected to their dashboard and a web portal.

Are You Called to Serve as an Ambassador?

Are you someone who burns with a passion to see the church united, our Father’s house of prayer built through 24/7 prayer and your community transformed through the presentation of Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom? Then you might be called to serve as an ambassador to your community.

Over the last couple of decades we’ve pioneered a powerful proven system that does all of those things. It’s proven, supernatural, produces reproducible results, cross cultural and now supported by a powerful strategic communication system that aid’s local leaders in mobilizing their community to pray globally while connecting locally.

They key to our reproducible supernatural results are:
  • God’s abiding presence
  • Honor – honoring local leaders and their jurisdictions
  • Specific targeted prayer developed by local leaders
  • Our system that empowers local leaders to strategically apply the wisdom of God with their love and passion for their community

How can we help you?

We can offer you:
  • A proven system that empowers local leaders to apply with wisdom of God with their passion thereby empowering them to increase the power they project through prayer with corresponding results.
  • Proven training and tools which include but are not limited to books, MP3s (audio), MP4s (video), training series, rollout plans, assessment tools, PDFs, jpgs, and templates and much more.
  • Your own Ambassador League or Kingdom League icon and a place on our map. We will encourage everyone who gets the 1Church1Day app in your local area to connect with you.
  • Your own special place in the 1Church1Day app whereby you can direct prayer within your league.
  • A proven process that can take you from a vision of a united church into long term operational reality where 24/7 prayer is established 365 days a year, leaders form teams of councils in all 7 spheres of society and the Church is united in purpose building the house of prayer, representing Jesus gospel of the kingdom with reproducible measurable results

What do we need from you?

  • We need a name for the league in your area. It should include some description that is unique to your geography, audience or network you seek to serve.
  • An annual subscription of $1200 per year or $100 per month.
    • As a special bonus, those who subscribe for $1200 a year will be given access to all of our courses available through our online training found in our Kingdom Academy.
    • The Kingdom Academy is also available for monthly subscribers of $150 per month.
    • That’s little more than a latte a day
  • Encourage people in your local area to download the 1Church1Day app
  • Your agreement to:
    • Communicate, collaborate and cooperate
    • Invite Churches and ministries in your area to take a day of prayer
    • Follow our process to form teams of councils

That’s an ambassador league and you will be using tried and true tools. Once this league is operational, you and the leaders you’ve gathered together can decide if you’d like to get your own 1Church1Day Community Prayer Transformation System with your own customized apps, leadership dashboard and apps to found your own kingdom league.

Apply for Your Own Ambassador League

Please complete the form below. An Ambassador league with have a unique icon and we will encourage people to connect with them locally. We recommend that you give your league a name that will help people catch a vision for the geography that you hope to mobilize. We will share the league name and your email address on a map as a way to help others in your local area connect with you.

Applicant Details :

We can offer you an Ambassador League with an automatic subscription of $100 per month. With an annual subscription payment of $1200 or a subscription of $150 per month you will be provided access to all of our online training available through our Kingdom Academy. Please fill in the amount and when you click Submit it will direct you to our Donation page where you’ll set up your annual or monthly subscription payment through Paypal.

Upon receipt of an email from Paypal and a review of your application by the administrator we will make your league live within three days.